Phone Call from Santa Claus Himself

Phone Calls from Santa Make Lasting Memories!

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Phone Call From Santa:
An Incredible Christmas Experience

A personal Phone Call from Santa Claus...can you even begin to imagine as a child getting a personal phone call from Santa at a time when your dreams were of nothing else? A phone call from Santa Claus to your child is one of the most unique Christmas experiences available this Christmas season. more info...

A REAL Phone Call From Santa

A Personal Phone Call from Santa to Any Child this Christmas Season!

Just imagine the look on your child's face when he or she receives a personal phone call from Santa Claus this Christmas season! Santa will call your child by name, and will tell your child all about his preparations for the big day! Santa's Hotline will help bring the true magic of the belief in Santa to any child and create a memory that will last a lifetime. more info...

You Control Exactly when and where Santa Calls!

We believe that the importance in the timing of a personal phone call from Santa cannot be overstated. A call that "magically" arrives at that absolute "perfect" moment will intensify the impression it leaves and memory it creates for the child. You can choose the date and time when you want Santa to call. After all, we realize that perfect moments can rarely be foreseen, and that only you, as the parent, know when the time is right. The perfect moment for your child may be just after dinner, right before school, just before bedtime, when Grandma is visiting, or any time your child just needs cheering up.  more info...

Calls from Santa - From a Child's Perspective

A phone call from Santa Claus...are you kidding me? Every child knows how busy Santa is, especially around Christmas. And yes, the toys are great, but the fact that Santa himself took the time to listen and even deliver just what your child wanted, pulls your child out of the crowd, even just for a moment, creating a personal connection and an unconditional love for Santa Claus. This is what makes Christmas... well Christmas, and Christmas gifts are the best gifts of all! more info...

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